LPF News


I am George, the guy behind Little Planet Factory and wish to give you an update regarding the current situation! 

A few months ago, LPF was a little known niche internet shop with just enough traffic for a single person to comfortably deal with. By end of March it had proven itself as something viable. Yet, sometimes such proof can come in too sudden and unexpected a way!

Beginning of the last month LPF was featured in a number of media and internet publications that led to a gigantic increase in traffic in only the matter of a few days, catching me quite unprepared and in urgent need of more space and time!

Although working on solving these problems, one discovers that there is a number of new skills that have to be learned very fast in order to do so, and arranging the solutions (finding a new workspace / finding help) takes more time in itself!

Since as it stands right now this is the same time that comes from fulfilling the orders, in order to make this work, LPF will temporarily stop accepting new orders until the end of May in order to give me some time to clear the backlog, go through the inbox and plan the next steps!

Be assured that LPF is not going anywhere and have many plans for it! If anything this short downtime is needed to ensure a certain level of quality is met and its success!

George Ioannidis

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