A quick update.

This is to confirm that I am still alive! I have also begun accepting orders again, this time with some hard limits, which will hopefully now give me a life/work balance to create new things as well as this time scale things up properly.  

In the last year have faced some difficult issues, some of them personal and some of them stemming from complications regarding the previous events. As usual I seem to suffer from this bad personality trait which when stressed I prefer to withdraw and "work the problem", rather than maintaining this contact point.

I currently stand at about 20 still pending orders/cases (most of them involve me waiting for something rather than no longer being in fear that they cannot be resolved at all, which was the real stress point), the resolution of which shouldn't now effect new orders, and will be using this weekend to clear the email inbox.

These past months I also have had some quiet thinking time regarding where I want to go with this and what form it should take so will also be using this summer to update LPF to something closer to what I had in mind in the first place.