An Update

Hello all. 

Although I know that many are looking forward to placing new orders, unfortunately I remain overwhelmed with the task of still shipping all of the past few months orders. As such I consider it prudent, if not polite towards those who have waited for so long, to not do so until these are fulfilled. 

In order to avoid the mistake of setting deadlines again and then not meeting them, this time I can only say that I will do everything to begin accepting orders within early summer. Believe me that I am very much look forward to do so, since my intention is to have Little Planet Factory be my full time job (originally a side project), and obviously keeping it shut for months doesn't help me very much! 

In the future in order to avoid the same thing from happening again I will be switching to a more traditional stock based approach, which will hopefully allow me to survive but also give me enough free time so as to focus scaling so that one day, LPF can have a less than 7 day delay between any custom size order and dispatch! 

Finally, on a more personal level the last few months have also been a roller coaster of emotions for me, which took some time to also get a proper control over. First the euphoria of the orders, yet followed by the worry and eventually shame, of the missed deadlines. This has caused a significant slow down in replying to messages and for that I apologise. In the coming week, will try to go through the entirety of the inbox and provide a reply to every email I may have missed. 

George Ioannidis