Tiny Alpha Centauri
Tiny Alpha Centauri
Tiny Alpha Centauri

Tiny Alpha Centauri


A tiny Alpha Centauri with optionally Sol to scale. (scale 1:50,000,000,000)

Alpha Centauri is the closest star system to the solar system at 4.37 light years. 

It consists of two sun-like stars, Alpha Centauri A & B and a much smaller and fainter red dwarf (Proxima Centauri) that despite being much further away is thought to be gravitational bound to the larger two.

This tiny model reproduces to scale the three stars. It includes:

  • Alpha Centauri A: 34.15mm
  • Alpha Centauri B: 24mm
  • Proxima Centauri: 8mm 

To which one can also add: 

  • Sol: 27.84mm

The two larger stars form essentially a binary system of their own. The range between them ranges between a Sun-Saturn's worth to a Sun-Pluto's worth of distance, which on this model translates between 28.68 and 117.5 meters.

Proxima is 0.2 light years from the rest of the binary system. On this model this translates to about 45 kilometres. (London to Luton)

Finally Sol, is a bit further away still (4.37 light years). On this model this translates to about 983.25 kilometres afar. (London to Milan)